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Our Provision

Cedars College

We have occupied the premises at Walker Terrace since January 2017 and this has proven to be very successful in terms of bridging the gap between school and ensuring learners are more prepared to access College provision at a higher academic level than they may previously have been able to.


We have successfully accommodated and demonstrated progress for Key Stage 4 and 5 pupils simultaneously for whom the curriculum and environment has been viewed as more appropriate than that offered at Ivy Lane.


Currently, learners at our Ivy Lane site get less access to off-site activities to facilitate independence owing to the level of staffing required and also to the proximity to local amenities to access shops and community facilities. Accommodating our Key stage 4 & 5 pupils at Walker Terrace allows us to create smaller class sizes of approximately 7 pupils to a group.

The addition of 11 Walker Terrace provides extended and newly developed accommodation to enable more of our young people to benefit from the more age appropriate facilities that the Walker Terrace accommodation and site has to offer. Learners benefit from accessing the community facilities in central Gateshead and can access the transport links at the Interchange which will contribute to an increase in the capacity to travel train our young people.


Key Stage 4 students are  able to enjoy excellent access to a wide range of local training and employment providers found within Gateshead. Learners at Key Stage 4 continue to benefit from the new sports hall facilities that we have developed at our Ivy Lane site whilst also accessing Forest School opportunities and the allotment that current Walker Terrace students have worked hard to overhaul and develop.

Walker Terrace will provide long term accommodation for Key Stage 4 and 5 pupils to either provide a longer transition to Cedars College or to an alternative provider of Further Education. Our Key Stage 4 curriculum model assists us in identifying the support needs of learners sooner, so that an individualised curriculum can be designed to meet their aspirations and support needs.


Whilst promoting Preparation for Adulthood in all of our young people, learners also benefit from bespoke, personalised programmes that will combine educational aspirations, outcomes for achieving independence, aspirations for leading an active life within the community with good social relationships and a healthy lifestyle, ultimately ensuring that we can prepare learners for adulthood and to be ‘Fit for Life’.

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